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Where Can I Find Card Captor Sakura in the United States (or Canada)?

I've been asked this question a lot lately. And I've got mostly some good news.

Both CLAMP's Manga and the anime are being produced in English for release in the U.S. and Canada. Mixx is releasing the Manga -- in fact volume 1 is available NOW! Nelvana has obtained the rights to the anime and you can read their Press Release.

But I said 'mostly', didn't I?

So what's the qualifier? Mostly things I have heard by word of mouth. Early reports indicate that the typeface in the Manga lacks style and that the translation isn't of top quality. I don't speak Japanese (WAH!) so I will have to leave the official pronunciation on this matter to real experts (until I can afford lessons). Once I get my hands on a copy of the Manga, I will report back for everyone else.

The anime is a bit more complicated. I've heard rumors that Nelvana will (Glory Be! Say this is SO!) release both a dubbed version for television and a subtitled for the more hard core fans. I eagerly await both, though I really and truly hope that some of the rumors I've heard regarding the dubbed anime aren't true. In particular, Sakura's name will be changed to either Nikki or Cherry. I've seen (and own) CCS products from Korea where she is called Cherry, which indicates a history for using that name at least. Honestly, though, what's wrong with Sakura? It's a beautiful. It's PRONOUNCEABLE, even for those of us who don't speak an Asian language. Go with it. Diversity is a Good Thing.

There are also rumors that Kero's full name will be changed (meaning Cerebus.) Here I'd like to lobby for simply playing with the spelling. Why not Kerebos? It sounds the same, but doesn't harken to the three-headed guardian of Hades which is what seems to cause the concern.

I'm hoping that the translations are truly quality and that they won't chop the show beyond all recognition. I will warn my fellow Americans, however, that Nelvana's hands are going to be somewhat tied in certain instances because of FCC regulations concerning children's shows. Luckily it won't require quite the amount of chopping that Sailor Moon did to get past US censors, because CCS is geared for younger Japanese girls than Sailor Moon.

So that's the rumor mill for now. I'll certainly pass on more as I hear it. Unless someone threatens to say, drop me in boiling oil or to dye all the clothes in my closet a hideous shade of orange. In which case I will guard the information most closely. ^_^


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