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The Alice In Wonderland Costume

I wonder if CLAMP watches Disney or if they read Lewis Carroll? Because this costume certainly looks as though it's right from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, doesn't it? Not to mention the inherent appropriateness of the reference, since this outfit appears in the episode where Sakura is shrunk to the size of a bug while she is chasing The Little.

Whatever the inspiration, we have what is a basically normal long sleeved blue dress. Its shoulders are puffed and it has wide cream wristcuffs. A creamy yellow, two pointed collar is also used. Underneath the dress is a large while petticoat and covering it is a crisp white apron which ties into a huge white bow in the back. To allow for the puffed sleeves on the dress, the shoulders on the apron are also puffed up.

Tomoyo has outfitted Sakura with both a pair of knee length ruffled white knickers and kneehigh cream colored socks. Sakura's shoes match her school shoes almost perfectly, the only difference being their color which is a gentle periwinkle.

According to Kero-chan, the finishing touch on this outfit, as well as its most outstanding feature, is the large pink bow atop Sakura's head. Horridly guady, isn't it? Ah, well.

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. It's the best I have a the moment. Hopefully I'll manage to scan something better soon.

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