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Keroberos is the golden guardian beast of the Clow, though currently he is somewhat lacking his original powers. He still possesses great knowledge about the Clow and magic in general, but he looks like a stuffed animal. So for now, Knowledge remains his main power and he serves as a sort of sage for Sakura. Kero does have his fun side, though. He's obsessed with video games, for one. He likes to play them while Sakura is off at school.

Differences from the Original

Oh my god! His voice makes me want to cry every time I hear it! Where is the cute little Kero-chan who always wanted pudding!?? This voice actor sounds like a grubby New York taximan! What gives?!
And then there's this nonsense with "Expect the Unexpected." Who decided he needed some sort of catch phrase? And isn't that just a little ... well... stupid? (Of course it is.)
They also changed his name from Cerberus to Keroberos, which Nelvana's Web site laughingly calls his orginal name. Ah, no folks. It was Cerberus. But we can't have little kids seeing that can we? The connection to Greek mythology's underworld being just a little too much. Middle America might start to scream. After all, there are those people who argue Pokemon is a show of the devil. (I'm not kidding. They even have their very own Web site.)
This is another case of couldn't be further from the original. And not in a way that is at all charming. He's just crusty now, instead of huggable. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy a Kero-chan doll with this voice. I suppose I'll just have to get my hands on one of the Japanese ones. His voice is SO much cuter!

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