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Sakura Avalon

Sakura is a fourth grader who has a special power. She possesses a magical gift that enabled her to open a mysterious book which contained Clow Cards. In doing so, she freed Cerberus, the golden guardian beast of the Clow. When he appears to Sakura, he is in a diminutive form which greatly resembles a stuffed lion animal equipped with tiny wings. Most of the time, Sakura calls him Kero (Kir-O).
Sakura has only recently discovered her gifts and is unsure and often clumsy when using them. As a result Lee has little faith her abilities.

Differences from the Original

Well, for one, Sakura is no longer the star of the show. She has to share the limelight with Syaoran (Lee).
Secondly, her crush on Yukito (Julian) seems to have been obliterated.

Her voice is also beyond different. She is now the perfect stereotypical American girl. It's hard to get used to, but not the worst of the voices.

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