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Tori Avalon

Tori is Sakura's older brother. And unlike most older brothers, who seem to have a bit of something clueless going on, Tori seems to be completely onto Sakura. He knows something is up, but also uncharacteristically he lets her keep her secrets. This doesn't mean, however, that he lets them be. He'll respect her right to have a secret, but he'll also make her pay for that right dearly by teasing her almost endlessly about it.
And teasing her he loves to do. But no one else had better try it, because Tori looks out for his kid sister, who he likes to call "Squirt" and will come to her rescue if anyone threatens her. A lesson Lee quickly learns.

Differences from the Original

Other than his name, Tori seems almost exactly the same. And I think I actually like his voice actor. I'll have to see some more before I come to a final decision, though.

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