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The Big

The episode starts once again with the typical morning fight between Sakura and Touya. And Sakura's dream of being as tall as a beanpole so that she can squash Touya when her does this to her.

Syaoran is later seen atop the school, where he is staring across the city. Meiling appears and yells at him for disappearing when they were supposed to be having lunch together. He explains that he senses a Clow Card, which gets her to stop shrieking.

While stopping at a used book store with her friends, Sakura senses a card. Tomoyo becomes very excited because she has a new costume for Sakura.

That night, Sakura and Kero-chan dress in the new costumes and prepare to search for the card she sensed. Meiling calls to them from atop a building and asks if they are just there to play around. Kero calls her a brat. Meiling tells them that they are disturbing Syaoran and herself, who are there to capture the card Syaoran sensed that afternoon. Kero says Sakura noticed it then too, but Sakura says it wasn't until after school. Kero crumples in defeat and Meiling jumps up and down, cheering that they won. Kero is infuriated, but counters that Sakura knows where the card is right now. So there! Meiling says that Syaoran does too. Turning to their heros, they demand proof. Each points in opposite directions.

Then, from the direction of Sakura's pointing emerges a giant cat. It walks past them, but then turns and decides the tiny (to it), people are mice. It chases them and captures Meiling. Syaoran goes to save her and the cat decides to play with him instead. Which means that Syaoran suddenly gets a bath from the cat.

Atop the flying sealing wand, Kero explains to Tomoyo and Sakura that this must be The Big card. It makes things big. (Hey, Clow Reed liked to label things accurately. Sue him.)

As Syaoran and Meiling try to deal with the cat, Sakura and Tomoyo go off in search of the card. Syaoran tries to follow, but the kitty loves him too much. (Isn't it cute?) Sakura and company find The Big sitting on the side of a city fountain. It turns an ornamental fish big, and Sakura runs around it. The card doesn't put up a fight and she seals it.

Both the fish and the cat return to normal and all seems to be well. However, The Big must be called upon later in the episode to capture a second card.

The Card's Power:

To make things big.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 31)

Used to capture The Create

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