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The Pastel Bunny Costume

This costume bears the distinction, unfortunate as it is, of being the only costume which was not worn when Sakura successfully captured a card. It is also, however, the only costume Yukito has washed for Sakura. Perhaps that's why it wasn't worn a second time. Whatever the reason, it only made a brief appearance as Sakura made her first attempt to capture The Illusion.

Tomoyo was very obviously working off of a bunny theme for this costume. It's evident in the pink and white bunny ears atop Sakura's head and in the massive yellow fluffy tail on Sakura's backside.

The main portion of the outfit is made up of a soft pink shorts outfit. It has three-quarter length puffed sleeves and a high chinese-style collared neck. Running down its front are four yellow puff balls which match the fluffy tail on the reverse side.

Fingerless gloves in periwinkle reach almost to Sakura's elbows. They are tight fitting, in contrast to the puffy sleeves. Her slipper shoes are of the same color as the gloves. Her tights are a simple yellowy cream, which doesn't specifically match anything else in the outfit but which goes well with the pink and blue colors Tomoyo chose. At the toes, each bears a single yellow puffball like those running down the front of the outfit.

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