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It's Offical -- Card Captor Hits the US airwaves this fall!

That's right folks! It's finally going to happen. Starting this fall (that'd be the year 2000, for anyone who happens to read fragments of this sometime in the future) Card Captor Sakura will starting airing in the United States.

First off, don't go looking for Card Captor Sakura. It's going to be called "Cardcaptors" and it will air on Fridays on the WB. Cardcaptors will be part of a special Friday block on the WB dubbed (yes, bad pun, I know) "Fraturday."

And for you Canadians out there (Hi Canada!), don't worry, I wouldn't forget ya! You can find Cardcaptors on Teletoon this fall.

Best of all, this will mean new toys availabe in the United States! Hopefully our friendly neighborhood toy company Trendmasters, which has acquired the rights to U.S. production, will learn from the Sailormoon fiasco and realize that we WILL pay money for decent dolls and snub shoddy productions that don't look like our beloved Sakura.

Now that our TV needs are almost met -- Who's got the movie???!!!


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