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The magical Guardian Beast of the "The Clow," the book which contains the clow cards, his true form is that of a massive winged cat. His power is derived from the Earth and Fire cards, both lost when Sakura frees the cards. As a result, for most of the first series he looks more like a stuffed teddy bear with extraordinarily large ears and wings. In this form, he typically uses the name ‘Kero'. Sakura and Tomoya call him Kero-chan.

While he is supposed to keep eternal vigil on the cards, he took a nap for a few hundred years and was still sleeping when Sakura found "The Clow". Had he been awake, the cards would not have been freed.

One of Kero's favorite activites is eating. He adores food of nearly all kinds, but is especially fond of sweets. He sobs whenever Sakura has pudding or cake without saving some for him. When not eating, sleeping, or chasing Clow Cards, he loves to play video games.

Most of his time is spent in Sakura's room. He took over one of her desk drawers and turned it into a miniature room of his own. Sakura was very angry when she'd discoved what Kero did, but after they made up from their argument she made him miniature furniture for his room (though it wasn't particularly stable).

Kero is also an incredibly opinionated creature and is not afraid of showing favoritism. In particular, he depises Li Syaoran, who called him a ‘stuffed toy' and made fun of Sakura. His dislike transfers to Ling as well. Kero refuses to refer to either of them by their proper name, calling Syaoran "the Kid" instead and Meilin the "Little Girl."

Deepest among Kero's insecurities is his stuffed animal form when the fire and earth cards are not present so that he can change into his more formidable self. (If you wish to see what he looks like, click here but don't say I didn't warn you about the spoiler!) One of the fastest ways to earn his ire and dislike is to call him a 'stuffed animal'. Syaoran does it on numerous occasions, figuring that since Kero-chan doesn't like him, he has nothing to loose.

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