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The Create

Sakura's typical daydream is followed by another, this time Naoko's. She is reading a book about a dragon and dreaming of what it would be like to in the book's world. Sakura interrupts Naoko with an invitation for lunch and a question about Naoko's reading material. It is called Dragon Mountain and Naoko seems greatly enchanged with it.

Naoko explains more about the book and lunch, which makes Sakura nervous because she doesn't like scary stories. And dragons seem as though they are probably scary. Naoko explains that it is a fantasy story, which Tomoyo further explains by calling it an "imagination story."

On the way home from school, Naoko notices a used book store and asks the other girls if they want to go in. They all agree. Naoko runs in while the others walk. About that time, Sakura senses a Clow Card somewhere outside the store. Deciding to address that later, the girls go into the store. While searching through the stacks, Naoko finds a strange book without a title. Half of it is blank. Inside is a quill pen and instructions to continue the fairy tale with your own will. Naoko is intrigued and decides to take the book.

That night, Naoko reads the book in her room. It was about magicians, thus far. She takes the quill and begins to write.

Meanwhile, Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Meiling and Kero-chan are on their way home after The Big has been captured. Meiling is complaining that it wasn't fair because the cat captured them. She and Kero get into a minor fight. While watching them, Sakura notices a ghostly figure of a woman in a fancy dress floating behind. Turning blue with fright, Sakura screams and runs behind Tomoyo. Everyone turns to ask what's wrong and she says that she saw a ghost. They all look, but see nothing. Suddenly, the woman reappears. Sakura screams.

Back in her room, Naoko is writing about a princess. In a book that glows.

Syaoran asks Meiling if she saw the ghost. Meiling says no. Syaoran says that is is not a ghost, because Meiling has no magic and wouldn't be able to see it. Kero, who is frustrated because he didn't realize this first, asks Tomoyo if she saw it. She did. That means, it is a Clow Card. This makes Sakura very glad and she releases her death-grip on Tomoyo.

The peace is broken as a large black panther jumps out of the bushes. Syaoran draws his sword and jumps between the panther and the girls. Sakura wonders if it escaped from the zoo. Then it looks at them.

The panther doesn't have eyes! Just funny squiggle marks that look like graffiti. And then it spronts delicate pink wings and begins to fly around. It is soon joined by a flying yellow horse and a flying pink hippo. Meiling comments that there certainly a lot of odd animals wandering about in Japan.

Oblivous, Naoko is writing in the book about a panther wings and a smiling hippopotamus with with wings. She adds in that all the other animals, even the fish, had wings.

Other strange winged animals join the menagerie flying about Sakura and the others. Kero realizes another card must be at work and explains that the presence of The Big made the other card hard to sense. He marvels at the imagination of the person who has The Create, while Sakura is snuggled by a winged cat.

Kero starts to suggest that they leave the card until the next night when a massive wind begins to blow. Naoko is in her writing about a big king of the winged animals. This would be, of course, the monsterous dragon she was daydreaming about before. And it is the cause of the wind.

The dragon flies into Penguin Park and roars. Then it begins to stalk the park and head for the city. Syaoran tries to stop the dragon with lightening, but it doesn't work. The dragon is too big, Kero tells him. That jogs Kero's mind and he comes up with an idea. Sakura must use The Big card to become large enough to fight the dragon and stop it from crushing the city. She's not really excited about this idea.

The dragon breathes a fire ball and continues to head for the city. Kero and Tomoyo remind Sakura of her duty as a Card Captor and she finally agrees. This makes Tomoyo very happy. She will get some really nice video.

Sakura employs the power of The Big and enlarges herself. She thinks it is very embarrassing to be so big and whimpers a moment before chasing the dragon. She calls after it to wait up and finally catches it by the tail.

Naoko continues to write, but is oblivious to what can be seen out her very window.

The dragon breathes a ball of fire at Sakura, forcing her to let go. Then it chases Sakura and fires some of the park. Meiling yells at Sakura about her inadequate magic powers. "Don't you have a beam or something?" Syaoran says Sakura is going to loose. Even Kero looses faith, saying Sakura doesn't know how to beat a monster.

She grabs its tail again and is pulled across the ground. It breaks free, and then flies up and turns to face her. As Sakura cowers, the dragon freezes and then begins to dissolve.

Naoko has closed the book and is deciding to go to sleep.

Kero tells Sakura to seal the card before it can be used again. She taps the wand on the remaining visible parts of the dragon and all of the Create's images are sucked away as the card forms in front of Sakura.

All is well, other than poor Naoko who must face the morning without her book. Drat.

And Sakura goes home, secure in the knowledge that if she wanted to squashed her brother, she could. The Big is a great card.

The Card's Power:

To create things written in its book.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 31)

Ah, you think I'm physic?

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