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The Fairy Costume

This costume made its first appearance in the episode featuring The Shield . Tomoyo showed it to Sakura, but Sakura did not wear it in that episode. It was worn in the next, when she was trying to capture The Time card. Because it took her so many tries to capture the card, this costume was worn three times. This makes it a very unusual costume for the series, since it appeared in more than one episode and Sakura wore it more than once.

One of the most interesting aspects of this outfit are the green wings on the back. They're slightly reminiscent of the wings which appeared on some of Sailormoon's transformations, though not as large. During Kero-chan's Corner, Kero points out that removing the wings would turn this costume into a cute summer outfit.

Tomoyo used repeating darker yellow scrunchies to unite the outfit. You can see that she has matching armbands on her midarms and wrists which coordinate with the pompoms on her shoes and the bands in her hair. Sakura is also wearing a necklace of the same color.

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