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The Glow

Sakura has a dream one night over herself being surrounded by dozens of dancing glowing lights. The next evening, she attends the Summer Festival at a local temple with Tomoyo, Touya and Yukito. Later joined by Yamazaki and Chiharu, they encounter Syaoran at the shooting booth. When Yukito shows up, Syaoran offers him a good portion of what Syaoran has won. He overhears that Yukito won Sakura a water balloon and stares at it jealously.

As they stand behind the ring toss booth, Tomoyo notices a cute rabbit she decides Sakura should have. Yukito agrees that it is very cute and suddenly Syaoran and Touya are in a contest to win the toy. As the two battle with the rings, Sakura and Yukito walk about the festival. Tomoyo stays behind to allow Sakura to be alone with her crush. As Sakura stands at the end of the temple with Yukito, tiny glowing lights fall from a tree. At first, Sakura thinks they are fire bugs, but Yukito says there is no nearby river to cause them. Sakura realizes this is a Clow Card, but doesn't know how to capture it with Yukito there. As she tries to tell him something, Touya and Syaoran burst through the trees, each holding a rabbit from the ring toss booth. Touya gives his to Sakura and Li-kun gives his to Yukito. Sakura is very happy to have the bunny, but wishes it had taken her brother a little longer to win it so that she could have spent more time with Yukito under the glowing lights.

Everyone goes off to buy shaved ice, but Tomoyo and Sakura hold back a moment so that Sakura can capture the card, which turns out to be The Glow. As she holds the card in her hand, Tomoyo says "Cut!" because she has produced her video camera and managed to tape the capture. Sakura clutches the card close to her chest and smiles, telling Tomoyo that the card has made her very happy. Presumably it was because of how beautiful it made her evening with Yukito.

The Card's Power:

Creates dozens of tiny green glowing lights.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

It's cute. But it's not THAT cute. Again, none.

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