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The Green Jester Costume

This costume shows up as Sakura and Tomoyo are chasing The Dash. The card darts through a park and the girls pursue. Hearing voices, they ducked behind a bush. But too late, for a stranger has spotted them. She comments on how strangely one of the girls was dressed -- meaning Sakura's costume of course.

The theme for this costume seems to be another take on the idea of a Jester, though it also looks rather like a rabbit costume as well. If it weren't for the fact that the costume is made of orange and green, this is the one I would pick to do for a Cosplay. (You may find that my despite orange foes far beyond my minor dislike of too much pink.)

Yellow is a key accent color here, outlining the gloves, the hat rim, the vest, the top of her boots and the boot buckles. Sakura wears long green socks with her short cut boots in constrating orange. Green buckles accent the orange boots. The costume itself consists of three major pieces. A body suit of light green matched with a pair of very short shorts in the same green which are folded into a cuffs. Over this is a large, stylistically cut vest.

The vest is cut into long, sharp, triangular edges at the hem. At the longest point they reach to Sakura's knees, while the shortest edge of the hem is at her hips. The front of her vest is cut up to her stomach and clasped at two points with large green buttons. The shoulders are puffed into thick rims to accent the long, light green sleeves of the bodysuit. Dark green gloves provide a counter to the collision of these colors.

Sakura's hat is a major focal point of the outfit, and goes well with the daring cut of her vest. It is cut in a large, puffy version of a jester's cap. Much like if one took the more classic version and made it from marshmallow. The majority of the hat is made of the same light green as her socks, shorts and bodysuit. The wide band which sits closest to the head is the same orange as her vest. It is outlined in yellow and has a green button like those on her vest.

While I'm not found of the coloring here, it does look very nice on Sakura. But then cartoon characters very rarely have orange undertones in their skin that make wearing orange impossible. I do have to admit this is very cute, even if the colors aren't flattering for me. ^_^

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