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The Illusion

One day, Naoko takes a short cut through the woods on her way home from school. The next day she tells the other girls that she saw a one eyed ghost there. Deciding they must investigate, Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, Tomoyo and Sakura return to the woods. Sakura's fear of ghosts makes her very reluctant to join the others and she shivers worriedly as they walk through the forest. Suddenly a glowing blue light appears. Something seems to form from it and the girls run away from it. Catching their breath just past the tree line, each girl begins to exclaim what they saw. Naoko saw a swirly thing with one eye, Rika saw a misty form with pointed ears, Rika saw a pink monster with fangs, Sakura saw a woman with long hair and Tomoyo saw a giant meat bun. (Yes, that's right. A giant meat bun.)

Discussing the incident later, Tomoyo and Sakura determine this strange event might be caused by a Clow Card. They return to the forest, Sakura dressed for battle in a lovely pink bunny costume and in the company of Kero-chan. The glowing light reappears and while Tomoyo and Kero-Chan see only a large glow, Sakura sees a beckoning image of her mother. Flowing the image causes her to step off a cliff, where she falls slowly to the ground only to be caught by a mystified Yukito. He takes Sakura to his home to allow her to recover and washes her costume while she naps and he calls Touya to come pick her up. Discussing the incident with him (covering up the part about the Clow Card, of course) Yukito reminds Sakura that her mother would never try to hurt her. On the way home, Touya and Yukito discuss Sakura's fear of ghosts and how Touya used to tell Sakura ghost stories which lead to her fears.

The next day, Sakura and Tomoyo return to the woods. Our Card Captor sports a costume which appears much like a large upside-down umbrella for this encounter. This time Tomoyo and Kero-chan are able to see Sakura's mother. Sakura follows the image once more, despite warns from Tomoyo and Kero, though just as she falls from the cliff she remembers Yukito's warning. This jogs her just in time to use Fly and save herself. Realizing that the image must not be her mother, she challenges it and a strange pattern appears as it blips. Kero recognizes this as The Illusion card. Recognizing the illusion seals the card and Sakura is able to change it to its proper form.

The Card's Power:

Showing people and image of that which they most wish to see, or of what its user wishes the person to see.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used in the episode as Sakura fighting The Sword. In particular, Sakura used it to distract Rika by showing her an image of their teacher. (That's actually what is pictured above.)

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