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The fine print

Card Captor Sakura is the property of CLAMP, Kodansha, Nakayoshi, Movic, Nelvana and Mixx Entertaimnent (Hopefully I didn't miss anyone, there). It isn't mine. The artwork used within is that of CLAMP and has, for the most part, been cut out from larger pictures to decrease the amount of their work which appears here. The intent is put up just enough pictures to enhance the site and let people know about and encourage to watch and buy (somebody please - Nelvana? - make subtitled tapes of this available!) their wonderful work, for which I have shelled out major cash. The thoughts expressed on this page are mine and any disagreements with information (which was gleened directly from the Japanese version of the anime) should be directed towards me.

Everything on these pages is to be used for non-profit fan entertainment only.