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The Jump

On the way to school, Sakura passes a new store bearing the sign "Twin Bells." Intrigued she peeks through the window. When she turns around, she sees a young woman attempting to unload a number of boxes. Introducing themselves, Matsumoto Maki invites Sakura to come by after school to see her new toy store.

Returning with the other girls later, Sakura discovers that the store is not set up. This is apparently because Maki appears to be very clumsy and is constantly dropping boxes. The girls offer to help, insisting despite Maki's claim that customers shouldn't have to help with such a thing, because they want to see the cute toys. Plagued by an onslaught of falling toys and boxes, it takes a long while to set up the store.

Just as they have finished, a large box falls from where it has been piled and the toys inside roll out. Among the stuffed animals is a large, roly poly panda bear with which Chiharu instantly falls in love because she says it looks like a soccer ball. Just after Chiharu gets the panda home, her room is apparently ransacked and the panda is missing.

Visiting Twin Bells the next day, Sakura and Tomoyo discover the bear upon the toy shelves. The exclamation of their shock causes Maki to explain that it happened countless times at the first store she owned in another town. Soon rumors began to circulate that shopping in her store would cause a person's house to be robbed. She was forced to close and move as a result, hoping to escape the curse. Maki is very distraught because it seems to have followed her.

Tomoyo and Sakura decide there must be a Clow Card at work and bring Kero-chan to the store later that evening. Tomoyo distracts Maki by asking for a recipe for her delicious tea while Kero and Sakura search the store. They discover the Jump card which takes possession of all the stuffed animals in the store and escapes, leading Sakura on a chase to Penguin Park. She manages to catch it in her hands, only to have it jump high in the air and carry her with it. Sakura is so shocked, she lets go and begins to fall. Using fly to save herself, Sakura returns safely to the ground and pursues the card to a set of toys. Using the Wood card, Sakura captures Jump in a cage, but it counters by using the stuffed toys to form a giant image of itself which makes a strange squawking sound. It tries to squash Sakura under its foot, but is too big and looses its balance. When it falls to the ground, it breaks apart and Sakura is able to capture the card.

The Card's Power:

Places wings on the shoes of the user, allowing her to jump high into the air.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to dodge Rika's strikes when she is possessed by The Sword
card, it allows Sakura to escape harm without having to hurt her friend.

Used to jump high enough to capture The Sleep as it hovered above Sakura's father's desk.

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