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The Loop

It's marathon day at Tomoeda grade school. Having endured grueling practices in which Syaoran and Sakura did very well and Meiling suffered the pain of not knowing how to run long distances, the trio is now prepared and trained to go the distance. Tomoyo has prepared her camera and plans to tape the class' race.

From the outset, all three are leading the race and going strongly. They round a corner and pass Tomoyo, who is busily taping the race. Seeing Yukito and Touya, Sakura and Syaoran increase their speed greatly in an attempt to show off for Yukito. As the race progresses, Sakura notices they haven't seen any other people in a while. Meanwhile Kero and Tomoyo have lost all sight of the three classmates.

The terrain begins to look remarkably familiar to Sakura and as she comments on it, they run into Tomoyo again… on the same corner they first passed her. The surprise causes Meiling to trip and injure her ankle. Tomoyo tells them the rest of the rest has already passed them and so there is no teacher to come and help Meiling to the finish line. Syaoran and Sakura begin to feel the presence of a Clow Card. When the call Kero-chan on the phone he tells them the card is The Loop. They must find the spot where the loop connects and break the connection. They can tell the spot because it will look out of the ordinary.

Sakura discovers a glowing red line where the scenery doesn't match and determines this to be the connection. The sight of Syaoran's sword reminds her of The Sword card, which she summons. Both she and Syaoran seem to cut the link at the same time, but after the card is changed back it is awarded to Sakura.

The Card's Power:

To create loops in things, such as in the physical world to trap people on the same street.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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