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The Mirror

Sakura spends a day at home with Touya and Yukito to get her hair cut and help clean the house. Chiharu, Rika and Naoko go shopping and see Sakura (wearing a truly hideous tight red cap with awful looking bunny ears) run into a store and throw dolls off of their shelf. Later, Sakura runs past the front of her house even as she can clearly be heard inside the house talking to Touya and Yukito.

The other girls later confront Sakura about the messed up dolls and while they believer her claims that she was at home, they are very surprised to discover this information. Naoko tells Sakura this must be her duplicate and tells her that the stories say a person who sees their exact double will die soon. This, of course, scares Sakura greatly. She tells this story to Tomoyo later in the park. Just as she finishes, they are surprised to see the other Sakura run past them and disappear into the trees. The other girls run up to Sakura and demand to know if she just destroyed a sand castle some children were building in Penguin Park. Sakura denies the action once again, saying she has been with Tomoyo - a story which Tomoyo confirms.

Sakura goes home to discuss the incidents with Kero, who teaches her how to use the Clow Cards she has to do a fortune telling as they try to determine if the other Sakura is a malevolent spirit or simply another Clow Card. Turning up The Windy, The Shadow, The Watery, The Illusion and The Flower, Sakura realizes the Clow Card is pursuing Touya. Sakura and Kero-chan follow their sense of the card to the park, where the false Sakura is leading Touya deeper and deeper into the woods.

The false Sakura tells Touya she has lost something and as Touya searches for it, he falls from a cliff. At that moment, Sakura looses contact with the card and collapses to her knees. Syaoran hops some bushes and comes to Sakura's side. She notices he has the lasin board in his possession and begs him to track the card. As a beam of light appears, the trio runs to find Touya.

Meanwhile, the false Sakura watches passively as Touya looses his grip on the cliff and falls. At the bottom, the card reappears alongside the obviously injured Touya. He tells the false Sakura that he knows she is not his sister, but has been trying to help it find what it needs to be happy so that it may return to the spirit world. Seeing this spirit makes him very sad, because he can not bear the idea of his sister's spirit as sad. The spirit suddenly looks very sad at his revelation. Overcome by pain, Touya faints just as Sakura and Syaoran burst through the bushes. Sakura uses The Windy and The Watery on her false self, but both fly straight through the image and are unable to bind it. Kero realizes this must be a special card - one which can only be defeated by calling out its true name.

As Sakura considers, she notices the image is repeating all of her movements. Sakura calls out 'The Mirror' the card turns to its spirit form, which kisses Touya's forehead and apologizes to him. Sakura then changes it back to its card form.

The Card's Power:

To create a mirror image of a person.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 31)

Used to reflect the power of The Shot to injure the card and thus enable its capture.

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