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The Move

Like a classic fourth grader, Sakura has waited until the last day of summer vacation to do her summer homework assignments. Still needing to do a book report, she has to go to the library to find a book. The book Tomoyo read is very large and Sakura would not have time to read it. She looks for something very short and settles on The Little Piggy story. The only problem is that it isn't on the shelf. When Sakura checks with the librarian, she is told the book is not checked but someone in the library may be using it.

Sakura and Tomoyo begin to search the library for the book while Kero-chan checks up on Syaoran. Unfortunately, this is also the book Syaoran wishes to use because he too apparently hasn't finished his homework (see what happens when you spend all your time capturing Clow Cards?). Kero finds the book with Syaoran, but just after Syaoran puts the book down it disappears.

A chase ensues throw the library as it reappears and disappears throughout the library. Just as one of them almost reaches it the book disappears, taunting all four of them. Suddenly, the card moves to the book to a bicycle just outside the library and its owner rides off. Syaoran chases after it but is unable to catch it. Kero-chan realizes The Move card must be to blame.

Having left the bicycle, the book continues to reappear and disappear around them, leaving them scrambling to catch the book once more. Kero tells Sakura not to chase with her eyes and hands but rather to 'Feel' for the card. Closing her eyes, Sakura concentrates and determines its next location. This enables her to capture the card and the book - even if it does cause her to fall into the river.

Thankfully Syaoran takes her home and offers her a dry to shirt to wait in while her clothes dry and he reads the book. Just as he brings it to Sakura, he notices which shirt she has been given and begins to stutter oddly. At this moment, a strange girl is arriving outside the building. When she enters, she embraces Syaoran and then notices Sakura... and the shirt. The girl demands to know who Sakura is and why she is wearing the shirt she, Meiling, gave to him.

The Card's Power:

To move things. However, it can't move long distances, large things, or living things. Kero says it's not a very useful card.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

None. I guess Kero-chan was right, nyeh?

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