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The Pink Pink Costume

To be honest, I can't think of what else to call this costume. It's pink and poofed and not much else. I do like it better than the song costume, but it is still glaringly pink. It did, however, set off the pale blue of The Fight card rather nicely. So that's probably why I can forgive it.

The midsection of the costume fits neatly to Sakura's waist and then balloons into poofs at her waist and shoulders. It would probably have a poof at the neck too, but Tomoyo stopped herself short and provided Sakura with a nice large, cream bowtie. To complement the tie, Sakura is wearing a pair of simple matching gloves.

The shoes are of the same pink as the outfit (what does she do with all these custom made shoes, do you think?). Rather than buckles, this time the shoes fasten with pink bows. How cute! And of course there is the trademark flat hat, in matching pink no less.

I wonder what Tomoyo used to make the waistline and skirt poof like that. Whatever it is, I bet it itches.

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