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Page Policies

Thank you for visiting The Cherry Blossom Festival.

I hope you enjoy my Web site, but I ask you that visit responsibly.

The artwork you see on this page is by far and large work of CLAMP which is copyrighted to them. I cannot forbid you to take it. However, I spent a lot of time editing almost every image you see on the site. I do ask that you credit me if you take images from here. At the very least, I demand that you refrain from posting copyrights of these images on your site if you choose to run off with them without my permission. You didn't spend the hours editing these graphics. You have no right to forbid others from doing the same click, save and post that you did.

Thank you in advance for complying with that rule.

Now, while the artwork is that of CLAMP, all the text you see on this page is mine. I wrote every word here. They are my own thoughts. The copyright to all of the articles, characterizations, episode summaries, costume and item commentaries, and everything else on this page belongs to me. You are expressly forbidden to copy any of this material to your own site. I'm sure your English teachers have taught you about how naughty this is, after all.

After all, what's the point of merely repeating what I have already done? Your site will be much more interesting with your own thoughts on it.

If you've been around the net for any length of time, you'll already be aware of just how rude this is. If you haven't take a look at some of the better anime sites out there. Or you can always check out The Worse Sailormoon Pages Everand take a look at what the Amazon Quartet has to say about this matter.

Have any problems with this? Feel free to email me. The link's right down there.

Otherwise, have a nice day!


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