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The Power

Late in the night, an unseen force disturbs Penguin Park, stirring up masses of dust as large crunching sounds are heard. The next morning's news shows the emperor penguin slide turned upside down on its head. Skating to school, Sakura decides this must be the work of a Clow Card although when she skates past it in the morning with Yukito she does not feel the aura of a card.

That day Sakura's class takes a field trip to the local zoo. Splitting into groups, Sakura, Tomoyo, Rika, Chiharu and Naoko are sent to study and photograph the elephants while Syaoran joins a group of boys assigned to the sloth. In the midst of their studies a large noise reverberates through the zoo, sounding like something huge has fallen to the ground. They are confused at the sound, but let it pass.

When Sakura opens her backpack for lunch later, she discovers Kero-chan has hitched a ride because her lunch smelled so good. As they prepare to eat, the sound happens again and Sakura notices the aura of card. Moments later a penguin runs through the bushes. The loud noise repeats over and over and people in the zoo begin to panic and run away.

Syaoran leaves his group and runs towards the disturbance while Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero-chan do the same form another direction. Stopping to locate the card, a massive print is suddenly crushed into the ground as the card crosses in front of Sakura's group. Before their eyes, they see the elephant lifted from the ground and thrown high into the air. Worried for its safety, Sakura calls the power of The Windy to catch the elephant and lower it safely to the ground. Kero realizes the card's identity and whispers it into Sakura's ear - she uses this knowledge to confront the card with it's identity: The Power. Sakura challenges it to a test of strength and is suddenly charged by the card. She uses the jump to move herself clear of the card's path.

As they run, Sakura chooses her challenge: Tug of War. The card takes its spirit form, one of a tiny pink girl. Obtaining a rope Sakura pulls from one end while Power pulls from the other. It seems to be a loosing battle as Sakura is pulled easily across the ground until the elephant she saved grabs the rope and beings to help.

Watching from a tree, Syaoran uses The Time to pause time and jumps to the ground where he takes the rope from Power's hands. When time flows normally again, The Power falls to the ground and Sakura is victorious. Sakura seals and receives the mournful looking card.

On a side note, I'm not sure why this card was given to Sakura. It seems to me that Syaoran was really responsible for its defeat.

The Card's Power:

Makes the user very strong.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to wickedly bean The Fight over the head, effectively defeating a strong card and allowing Sakura to capture it. Yah!

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