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The Red Rabbit Coat Costume

This costume shows up in episode 36, so of course I haven't seen Sakura in action while wearing it yet. But it's just too incredibly cute and one of my all time favorites, so I simply had to put it up. Sadly, I can't tell you about anything cool that Sakura did in the costume. But maybe someday I will actually see this episode.

A large red coat is the focal point of this costume. The hood is decorated with a pair of long, upright rabbit ears also in red. The inner side of the ears are done in a bright yellow fabric. Clasped at the neck (perhaps as the zipper pull?) is a large fuzzy cream ball which resembles a rabbit's fuzzy tail. The coat is long-sleeved and falls, full cut, and falls to Sakura's hips.

Under the coat, Sakura is wearing a yellow shirt that matches the inner portion of the ears (you can see the collar peeking out by her neck). Her shorts are of the same color and cut in generally the same puffy fashion as the PinkPink costume.

Sakura wears tights, rather than thigh socks with this outfit. It's finished off by a pair of red boots that have puffy bunny tail poms at the front and slightly darker yellow gloves.

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