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Kinomoto Sakura

Sakura is a grade four student who attends Tomoeda elementary school. Home alone one afternoon following school, she discovers a strange book amoung the expansive collection of her father, who is an archaeology professor. When she examines the book and one of the cards inside, Sakura accidentally loosens a collection of magical Clow Cards upon the world. Moments following this, The Clow's guardian beast, Cerberus awakens. Discovering what she has done, he appoints her the Card Captor. Sakura now has the duty of collecting all the cards before they can do serious harm to the world.

Joining Sakura in her quest is her best friend, Tomoyo, who becomes fast friends with Cerebos (now called Kero-chan by the girls). Together, they convince Sakura that she must begin to wear a variety of costumes when pursuing the cards so that she will look like a proper Card Captor. Sakura's series of intricate outfits are all designed by Tomoyo.

Sakura's family consists of her father, Fujitaka, and her older brother Touya. Fujitaka is a devoted, yet incredibly busy father. Because his job takes him away from home frequently, Sakura has already become a very responsible young girl who readily and cheerfully assists with the household chores. Sakura's mother, Nadesiko, died when she was very young, so Fujitaka is the only parent she has ever known. She loves him very much, and works hard to make him proud of her. Sakura misses her mother deeply, but she deals maturely with the loss. Upon occasion, she will pass her mother's photo in the kitchen and leave a small token or say hello to it. This lets Sakura feel like her mother is still watching over her (and if you ask Touya, you'll know she really is). Touya is the typical older brother who delights in tormenting his sister. Because of this, one of Sakura's most cherished dreams is the day in the future when she becomes as tall as a beanpole and can squish Touya. Even though he annoys her, Sakura loves her brother and would go through a great deal to help him.

Of all of Touya's teasing, that with the most lasting effect has been his ghost stories. Because he can actually see ghosts, Sakura has reason to believe in them. It has left her incredibly scared of them, even once she has learned of her magical ability and has some means of protecting herself from their mischief. This makes Sakura appear to be a bit of a crybaby, at times, because she is so terrified of the ghosts. To her credit, though, she always stands up to her fear and continues on her with her quest.

Her brother's ability to see ghosts is somewhat similar to one of Sakura's magical abilities - foretelling. While she is sleeping, Sakura has a number of dreams which herald events that will occur in the future.

Sakura is an energetic sort of girl. She excels in sports, favoring running and gymnastics the most. Most of the foot races at her school have been won by Sakura, as she is very fleet of foot. She also participates in the cheerleading club at school. Her gymnastics ability makes her a great addition to the group, but every now and then she has problems with the baton twirling. Namely, she catches the baton with her head instead of her hands. *klonk*

The kind of girl who makes friends quickly, just about everyone who encounters Sakura adores her. In turn, Sakura genuinely likes just about everyone she meets. Even if she doesn't have a good encounter with them the first time around, she's willing to give them another chance - often despite the warnings from other friends like Kero-chan (who doesn't like Syaora and Meilin) and Syaoran (who feels that Mizuki-sensei is potentially dangerous).

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