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The Shadow

One day during a ball game at Sakura's school, there is a strange disturbance in the appearance of the children's shadows during recess. It goes unnoticed by all concerned.

The next day, the school is suddenly plagued by strange occurrences, such as all the school's desks being arranged in massive piles both outside the building and in the classrooms themselves. Kero tells Sakura that it might be caused by a Clow Card, so they need to return to the school at night to investigate. Tomoyo promises to join them, intending to videotape Sakura's exploits.

That evening, Sakura and Kero stand outside the school's gate. Tomoyo arrives in the company of her four bodyguards. She also brings along a van containing a number of costumes, one of which she tells Sakura to wear. Sakura is reluctant because she thinks she looks silly. But Tomoyo and Kero prevail, because Kero tells Sakura the cards will take her more seriously if she looks like a 'proper' Card Captor. Tomoyo even has a matching bow for Kero.

Once she's dressed, the group heads into the school's courtyards. As they hear a strange sound, Kero says he senses a Clow Card. Suddenly a massive statue is dropped into the ground where they stood but moments before. Groups of shadows then begin to pour over the edge of the building, causing Kero to positively identify this card as The Shadow.

At first, Sakura tries to bind this card with Windy, but there are simply too many shadows. Kero says the card has taken all of the student's shadows. The only way to make them go away is for it to be too bright for Shadows. In a moment of inspiration, Tomoyo takes Kero and runs into the school. Just as the Shadow is about to pull Sakura from her winged wand, all the School lights turn on and the shadows disappear. Only the Shadow of the card is left. Sakura is now able to use The Windy to bind the shadow and return it to the card form.

The Card's Power:

To capture shadows and give them the ability to manipulate physical objects.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to cast Sakura's image and power into the museum so that Sakura could capture The Silent.

Used to harness all of The Mist into one place so that Sakura is able to seal the card.

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