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The Shield

Tomoyo asks Sakura to come to her house on a Sunday to help with a problem she is having. Sakura rides the bus over, with Kero hidden in her bag. Once there, Sakura discovers Tomoyo lives in a massive house (a true rarity for only the very, very wealthy in Tokyo). Once inside, the girls go to Tomoyo's room where Tomoyo shows them her video room with massive screen on which she is playing videos she has made of Sakura's card capturing. Tomoyo shows Sakura a new costume she has made, which looks like a little yellow fairy outfit.

Just as Tomoyo is about to reveal her problem, they are interrupted by her mother who is excited to spend time with Nadeshiko's daughter. She whisks the girls outside to have some cake with her, leaving poor Kero-chan alone in the room and without cake. Sitting there sulking, he notices the presence of a Clow Card.

After having cake and tea with Tomoyo's mother, who relates stories about Nadeshiko, Tomoyo and Sakura return upstairs with cake for a distressed and then joyous Kero. After he has his cake, Tomoyo tells them her problem is that she can open a certain box. Kero says a Clow Card is causing the problem. Tomoyo demonstrates by trying to put the key in the lock, but it flies from her hand and across the room.

Sakura and Kero-chan begin what can only be described as a staring contest with the box as they try to figure out what card it is. When Sakura hits the box with her wand, a black orb appears and Kero figures out the card in question is The Shield. Using The Sword, Sakura cuts through the shield which changes its form and allows her to seal the card.

The Card's Power:

To form a not-quite impenetrable shield around an object.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used by Sakura as she and Syaoran were trying to defeat The Time, to prevent its powers from effecting Tomoyo, Syaoran and herself.

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