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The Shot

The episode begins with Sakura's class attending their cooking lessons at school. One of Sakura's friends is talking about special cards being sold at the Twin Bells Toy Shop, which claim to help you gain the power to do things. Meiling overhears and has a suspicious look on her face.

The scene switches to Sakura, who is trying to make rice cakes. Unfortunately, Sakura is very scared of the noise the oil makes when the food makes contact. She doesn't like the sound or the spitting. The oil starts to smoke and Sakura freaks out a little. Later at home, she is trying to practice with her father and is still overcome by her nervousness.

The next day, during P.E. class, Naoko is preparing to jump the vault. Naoko has had a lot of difficulty with this job and one of her friends yells to go ahead, because she wished on the card. Naoko says she has been praticing and then runs to the vault. This time she is successful! Curious, Sakura asks Tomoyo what the other girls mean by 'the card'? Tomoyo tells Sakura about the cards at Twin Bells.

Sakura and Tomoyo head to the toy store after school to try and find a 'Cooking' card, but they are sold out.They are told store will have the cards in stock the next day. While there, they run into Meiling who seems to be purchasing a 'Love' card. And she's just a little embarrassed about it, too.

As they leave, Meiling's card blows out of her hand. It lands, inconviently, at Syaoran's feet. He picks it up and notices how very like a Clow Card it looks. Meiling laughs it off, takes it, and they leave.
That night at home, Sakura tells Kero-chan about the cards and how they make wishes come true. He is very curious about this, and asks Sakura if she has a card. She tells him they were sold out, but whe will bring one home tomorrow. Further conversation on the matter is interupted by a visit from Sakura's father, who has brought pudding!

The next day at lunch, Yukito and Touya come to visit Sakura's school. They all have lunch together, and Yukito tells Sakura how much he loves croquettes. She immediately decides she must conquer her fear and learn to make them. So Sakura and Tomoyo head to Twin Bells once more.

While at the toy store, Sakura senses the presence of a Clow Card. Examining the rack where the cards are stored, she feels the card's power. But it is gone. Someone else has alreadly purchased it. The store's owner can't remember which child bought it, but knows that it was someone from Sakura's class.

Sakura and Tomoyo leave the store in a hurry and call Kero-chan, who is in the middle of a video game, on the cell phone. He orders Sakura to hurry and find the card right away. Sakura uses The Fly and the girls soar over the city, hunting for the card's aura. As they fly, Kero-chan joins them and informs the girls that this card must be The Shot.

Tomoyo notices Naoko and the girls swoop down discreetly, hide wand and check which card Naoko has. It is not the Clow Card. So they ask Naoko if she has seen Chiharu and go in search of the next girl. In the meanwhile, Syaoran has noticed the Clow Card's presence near him and has gon searching for it.

Sakura and Tomoyo find Chiharu and check through her cards. Nothing. But Chiharu mentions that Meiling also bought a card. Tomoyo goes to search for Meiling on the ground and as she leaves, Sakura spots Syaoran. She tells him that Meiling has found The Shot. Syaoran becomes very concerned and together, he and Sakura use her wand to fly in search of Meiling.

As they head over the school, they spot her. She is holding the card, which seems to think will help make Syaoran love her. Sakura yells out Meiling's name, and she turns. Meiling is very upset to see Syaoran and Sakura together. They tell her she has a dangerou Clow Card, but she won't believe them. Syaoran tries to pull the card from her hand, but in the process the spirit of the Clow Card is awakened.

The Shot begins to fly about the school yard, attacking Syaoran. The more it flashes past him, the more accurate it gets. During a particuarly nasty hit, Meiling screams. It as at this moment that Sakura notices the bright, setting sun. Summoning The Mirror, she holds it in front of her and uses the sun's light to blind the card. It then flies into the mirror and rebounds into the wall. Weakened by the collision, Sakura is able to capture the card.

That night at home, Sakura is finally able to make the croquettes. Kero tells her that the cards at the toy store where not magic, they just helped people believe in themselves, which is what helped them work hard enough to overcome their problems.

The Card's Power:

Attacks opponents with a blade of light that is shot through the air.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 31)


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