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The Bat Burgular Costume

What do you wear when you're sneaking into a guarded musuem during the late hours of the night? Something akin to the uniform of a cat burgular, you say? But what if you're a magical girl? Why you put a new take on an old convention.

And that's just what Tomoyo did. She changed one letter and we ended up with what I like to call the Bat Burgular outfit. Sakura wears this costume when she is attempting to capture The Silent.

The outfit is form-fitting and seems to be made of a lycra type material to allow for great freedom of motion (great for when you have suddenly climb through a tight space to avoid detection). The main color is a dark greeny teal (though some pictures show it as being dark blue) , highlighted by just slightly lighter diamonds of bright blue which are somewhat reminiscent of a harlequin.

The top is cropped short, revealing some of Sakura's stomach. Part of her thighs and her knees are also visible because of the short shorts. The rest of her legs are covered by high boots. This effect is what evokes the magical girl aura in the outfit, as without a showing of some skin it would hardly qualify as proper, now would it?

Tomoyo tops off the outfit by adding a pair of bat wings to the top's back and giving Sakura a matching hat. Gloves are added, though they are simply for effect rather than use because they lack fingers. As a result, Sakura will leave fingerprints on whatever she touches. Not much of a burgular convention, now is it?

A note about the tiny bat wings on Sakura's back. I'm not really sure as to the reasoning behind them, but a friend of mine seems to have found an anime with a similar costume that this might be poking fun of. I'll check back with her and get more information for you as soon as I do. ^_^

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