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The Sleep

Sakura and Tomoyo go to the University where Sakura's father teaches to visit him and bring him a snack because he has been working so hard to prepare for an upcoming convention. They encounter some of his student assistants, who give them a tour of their department. As they talk to Fujitaka in his office, he suddenly falls asleep. Taking this to mean he isn't getting enough sleep, they go to get coffee for him and his assistants. When they return, he is out of his office so they take it to the students first. When they walk into their workroom, most of them are asleep. The remaining awake student falls asleep before their eyes.

Kero-chan feels the presenc of a Clow Card in the room. Moments later, he sees a tiny blue form duck into a bookshelf. It is The Sleep, which of course causes people to fall asleep.

Just after Tomoyo expresses distress over not having brought a new costume for Sakura, The Sleep attacks her and she passes out. Sakura and Kero just barely manage to dodge the card and it flies past them. They chase it down the hall and into Fujitaka's office, where it manages to make Kero-chan fall asleep. Using windy to keep the card in the room, Sakura uses jump and springs to where the card is trapped to turn it to the proper form.

Once the card has been captured, everyone affected by its power awakens.

The Card's Power:

To make people fall asleep.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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