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The Song Costume

This costume is... pink. There's no way around it. It's ruffly and pink. Most of the time I can excuse the pink. But this time, it's just too much for me. Perhaps I'm bitter because Kerochan's costume is even worse this time around. I usually love Kero's outfit, but the one he wore here was just beyond awful. I'll save my feelings on that for another, page though. You're here to learn about Sakura's costume, after all.

The dominant costume here is overwhelmingly pin, there is a touch of cream, black and a lovely perwinkle used in its construction. The perwinkle, which forms a ruffled underskirt is the most noticable of the other colors. The skirt of the pink dress is cut open in the front and is an inch or two shorter to display the periwinkle to full advantage. The underskirt also has a unique scalloped cut to its hem. That touch brings out personality in the outfit, and is something I especially like about it.

The upperpart of the dress is cut to be formfitting and has long sleeves. A black eighth note is emblazoned on the chest. Surrounding the neck is large cream colored collar, which is cut in the front at the same angle and fashion of the skirt's cut. The effect matches quite nicely. Cream colored gloves with wide wrists that reach a few inches up Sakura's arms complement the collar.

A large pink hat, of almost the same fashion as Sakura's school uniform hat, tops the outfit. Visible on the right front side of the hat is another black eighth note. Both of the notes were highly appropriate, because this costume appeared in the episode where Sakura was chasing The Song.

Completing the outfit is a pair of pink shoes, which are also similar in fashion to her school shoes. The main difference is that the buckle strap is placed towards the back of the shoe and wraps around her ankle rather than crossing over the bridge of her foot.

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