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Daidouji Sonomi

This lovely woman is a successful CEO of a toy company and is also Tomoyo's mother. She was the cousin of Sakura's mother, Nadesiko. The two were very close as girls and Sonomi has never quite gotten over the fact that her very best friend got married. To Sonomi this seemed like an utter betrayal, partly because Sonomi did not approve of Nadesiko's choice of husband. Sonomi felt her cousin deserved someone wealthy who would keep in her luxury not a poor, young teacher. Sonomi was very blind to Nadesiko's happiness, unfortunately.

These days, Sonomi is very busy with her work. She has a cell phone with her wherever she goes. Her personality is very competetive and she always seems to be trying to prove that she is good enough. I believe part of this was caused by what she perceives as Nadesiko's rejection of her. Now Sonomi feels she must prove she is better than Fujitaka. I'm not sure what she was like before her cousin's marriage. Perhaps she was out of the limelight, much like her daughter. Or perhaps she has always been this competitive.

Whatever the case, Sonomi does love her daughter. She doesn't always show it as she should -- giving Tomoyo loads of gifts instead of spending time with her and showing up late for Tomoyo's activities. But at least she tries.

Upon discovering Sakura is Nadesiko's daughter, Sonomi develops an adoration for her daugther's best friend and encourages Sakura to spend a lot of time at their house. Sonomi also shows an especial thoughtfulness by arranging for Sakura to meet her maternal grandfather. While this doesn't heal the rift between the families which Sakura is too young to understand, it brings great happiness to all of them. There's hope for her yet!

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