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The Sweet

Sakura's cooking class is going to make cakes, so Sakura begins the episode making a practice cake with her father. As the cake cools, she goes to her room to look at recipes so she can decide what kind of cake they make. Her father calls her downstairs when he is ready to begin icing the cake. They end up with a lovely cake topped with strawberries. She hopes her cake will come out as well and her father tells her to imagine that she is making the cake for the most important person in the world. So of course Sakura thinks of Yukito-saaaaaaaaan. And then she freaks out because she is so shy.

Sakura takes the cake to school the next day and shares it with her four best friends (Tomoyo, Rika, Naoko and Chiharu) during lunch. All of the girls hope their cakes turn out this nicely and it is noted that Rika is very good at making cakes. Being modest, she denies this and blushes.

Back in class, Syaoran and his group are trying to decide on a type of cake to make. He is considering custard, but of course Meiling wants to make a wedding cake and has an elaborate fantasy about while humming the wedding march (off-key) to herself. Syaoran and the other unidentified boy continue their discussion and decide on custard, completly ignoring looney Meiling. (Well, she *is* being looney at this moment.)

Chiharu, Rika and Naoko determine that their group will make a strawberry shortcake. Meanwhile, Tomoyo and Sakura deliberate over their choice. Mizuki-sensi (Kaho) notices the cooking magazine they are reading and comments that their cakes look good. She wishes the girls good look and says that she is looking forward to trying their cake. Her praise makes Sakura decide to try a chocolate cake. Tomoyo is, as usual, perfectly happy to go along with this.

On the way home, Sakura and Tomoyo run into Syaoran, who is gazing into the window of a bakery. They talk about which cakes they are going to make and are interupted as Yukito-san(!!!) approaches. They tell him they are making cakes in class the next day. He has just been to the bakery and has left with a large box full of cake slices. Sakura inquires which kinds of cake he likes. Yukito immediately rattles off a list. Cheesecake, pumpkin, straweberry, cream pie, banana cake... Heck, if it's a cake, Yukito promises to love it.

Sakura and Syaoran pelt him with their choices. "How about Chocolate?" "Custard Cream?" "Will you eat our cakes if they turn out good?" Yuktio promises to try their cakes. (Tough promise to make there, Yukito-san. Then again, Meiling *is* in Syaoran's group.)

Speaking of Meiling, she is back at the house attempting to make a practice cake. Noticed that key word there? Attempting? She sits in front of the oven which has a frightening glow to it. And then in a fit of impatience, she cranks up the temperature. (I tried that once. And only once. It doesn't work.) Suddenly, black smoke billows out of the oven. (See? I told you.) Syaoran comes home and notices the smoke. Meiling, who is standing in front of the kitchen now tries to keep him from going in. He just pushes his way past and tells her to show him. She holds up the burnt cake and tells him she was trying to surprise him. Syaoran tells her that he is, indeed, surprised. Meiling is annoyed and announces that she will go get more of the ingredients and try again. She rushes out of the kitchen, ignoring Syaoran's order to clean the kitchen before she goes.

The next day in cooking class, everying is carefully mixing their batter. Meiling swipes the bowl from Syaoran and tries to do an impression of an electric mixture. Which gets batter everywhere. Chiharu, Rika and Naoko are very carefully mixing their batter with instruction from Rika.

After the cakes are poured into the pans and placed in the oven, the teacher tells everyone to take a break while they cook. Following a brief, seemingly random look into one of the ovens, the students leave the classroom and wash up. Sakura nd her friends talk about Rika's father, who is overseas. He likes sweet stuff, so she makes it for him when his is home. It is revealed that the favorite cake of both Rika's father and Terada-sensei have the same favorite cake, strawberry shortcake, and that Rika thinks Terada-sensei looks like her father. (Aaaah. Explains some of the Don't Stand So Close to me complex, don't it?) Tomoyo tells Rika to bring some of her cake to their teacher. (Bad Tomoyo. Encouraging that sort of thing!

Back in class once more, they have taken their cakes out of the oven and decorated them. The teacher tells them all to try their cakes. They take a bite and there is that instant of shock paused on each face before they all groan. The cakes taste awful!

At home, Sakura tells Kero-chan about it. Kero starts to brush her off and says it is because she made it wrong. Sakura refutes this suggestion, sure that Tomoyo measured everything precisely. Besides, everyone's cake came out poorly. Kero says that everyone must have made a mistake, then. Sakura is frustrated with him, but announces that the class will try again the following week.

Meanwhile, Meiling is sulking about the cake and wishing they were making Chinese food instead. Syaoran peeks into her room and tells her that the failure that day was not her fault. This makes her very happy and she promises to make a flawless cake next time.

Later, Sakura and Tomoyo stop at the cake shop. They run into Syaoran. Sakura wonders aloud why the cakes seemed so sweet and Syaoran looks shocked. He asks Sakura whether she felt something during their last class. At that moment, Kaho shows up. She wishes them luck on their next attempt at making cakes. Syaoran just glowers at her, but Sakura is very happy.

Back at school, Chiharu tells everyone that the same problem happened with another cooking class. The girls all wonder if something is wrong with the sugar. But Sakura and Syaoran have a silent conversation and determine that there is a Clow Card involved.

At their next cooking class, everyone works hard (especially Meiling, who really puts the whip into whipping batter.) Kaho peers into the classroom and goes unnoticed by all but Syaoran, who is disturbed by her presence.

Flashing over to Kero-chan, he suddenly begins to wonder about the implications of everything being too sweet.

And in the class again, the cakes now cook in the oven. The students leave, except for Syaoran and Sakura. Sakura's cell phone rings, and Kero tells Sakura that this must be the Sweet card. The Sweet Card likes sweet stuff, so that is why it went after the cakes. Everything it touches turns sweet.

They both scan the room, searching for the card. Suddenly, Syaoran notices it in an oven, sprinkling sweet onto one of the cakes. He opens the oven and Sweet flies out. Syaoran runs after the Sweet as it flies about the room. It hides behind a bag of flour, as Sakura tells him that he is scaring the card and making it run. Syaoran grabs the bag and it explodes all over him.

The Sweet continues to fly about the room, changing the blackboard into chocolate as it passes. A pan becomes a cake, chairs become cookie confection creations, everything in the classroom begins to become sweet foods.

Syaoran reaches a level of desperateness and opens the oven with his cake in it. He intends to use it as bait for a trap, but Sakura will not let him sacrifice his group's cake. They note that the others will be back soon and Sakura begins to think carefully. She ponders aloud that it likes sweet things and makes a sudden rush for one of the tables. Sakura pours a bag of salt into a bowl and begins to chase Sweet, trying to pour salt on it. She succeeds and it whimpers, but shakes it off. Syaoran grabs a whole bag and pours it over The Sweet, who gives up. Sakura then seals the card and everything returns to its pre-Sweet form.

Just then, all the dingers go off and the class returns. Everyone tries their cakes, which are wonderful this time. Except for Meiling and Syaoran's, which has a bad case of too much salt. Bleah. Poor Meiling. It was because she mixed it too much.

Everyone the girls promised cakes too are very happy. Tereda-sensei, Yukito, Touya (not bad little kaiju!). And poor Syaoran is upset because he didn't get to vie any cake to Yukito.

The Card's Power:

To make everything it touches sweet.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 31)

Ah, no.

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