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Li Syaoran

Syaoran comes from a long line of magicians in fact he is a direct descendent of Clow Reed, creator of the Clow Cards. As such, he has recieved magical training for most of his life and his magical skills (though not necessicarly his powers) are greater than that of Sakura when they first meet. He possess a lasin board with which he can perform readings and locate Clow Cards. It was while he was performing a fortune telling in his home in Hong Kong, that he discovered that the Clow Cards had been released and were being chased by a girl in Japan. He left his family in Hong Kong to search for the cards in Japan.

His first meeting with Cerebus and Sakura did not go well. He mocked Sakura's abilities and Kero's size, earning him a rather significant amount of animosity from Kero-chan. This develops into an ongoing, but minor, feud between the guardian of the Clow and the kid. Kero challenges Syaoran's ability and skills and refuses to use his proper name when addressing Syaoran. In return, Syaoran often gives advice to Sakura before Kero, thus managing to make Kero look unprepared. He also calls Kero 'Stuffed Animal' upon occasion, which truly infuriates the guardian.

At school the day following their first meeting, Syaoran threatens to fight Sakura for possession of the Clow Cards she possesses (because he considers her abilities unworthy of the cards) and thus raising the ire of her brother, he blushes and runs away when Yukito offers a nikuman (some sort of ball, perhaps of the pasty or rice paper sort which has numerous flavors) as way of making piece between them. This is the being of a strange attraction he feels towards Yukito and creates some amount of jealousy for both Sakura's feelings towards Yukito and the fact that Yukito spends so much time at Sakura's house because of his friendship with Touya. His embarrassment is only worsened because Sakura is very kind towards him and invites him to join her family, often when Yukito is present. At first, Syaoran does not wish to socialize with Sakura but he slowly learns to like her, partially because of Yukito's constant affection towards her (and because being near Sakura lets him be near Yukito. Aaaaaaaaaw.).

It is later discovered that Syaoran is engaged to his cousin, who has no magicial powers (very rare in the Li family). She arrives in Japan looking for him and causes him no end of problems while fighting with Sakura for his attention. Syaoran loves his cousin, though perhaps not in the romantic fashion Meiling desires. He is always looking out for her well being and trying to help her get along with her new classmates. However, he doesn't seem to be romantically affectionate towards her, which may be part of the cause of some of Meiling's insecurities regarding their relationship.

He apparently likes Sakura better than he actually lets on. This is articularly evidenced by his willingness to help her catch the Clow Cards, even at times when he could sabotage her efforts and capture the card for himself. This become especially true once he uses The Time to save Sakura from The Return card. When she kisses him on the cheek his face turns bright red in a fashion formerly reserved for Yukito.

For all of Syaoran's talents, he is an incredibly gullible boy. When one of their classmates, Yamazaki, tells the most outrageous lies Syaoran swallows them hook, line and sinker.

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