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The Thunder

Once again, Sakura has a strange dream and sees someone standing across from the Tokyo Tower dressed in a costume while Clow Cards fall in a clutter across the image. She can't tell if this person is herself or someone new. When she awakes, she tells Kero-chan about it. He says her magical power could mean this is an omen.

That day at school a strange boy joins their class. His name is Li Syaoran and he is a transfer student from Hong Kong. Sakura notices something strange about him and they stare at one another across the room with a strange sense of foreboding. In the playground, Syaoran uses a strange board and discovers Sakura has a Clow Card with her. He demands she hand it over. Surprised he knows about the cards, Sakura refuses to give him the card. Syaoran is surprised in return that Sakura knows Cerebus and wonders why the guardian beast would allow a 'kid' like Sakura to chase the cards. Syaoran also implies that Sakura is a bad card captor because she has captured so few cards thus far. He tries to take the card from her by force, which causes Touya to come to his sister's aid. Syaoran and Touya almost fight when they interrupted by Yukito who offers everyone meat buns. Syaoran blushes and runs away.

On the way home from school a strange thunder storm strikes, but while there is a lot of noise and lightening, there is no rain. Sakura and Tomoyo take cover under the penguin in Penguin Park where the wait out the storm which clears just as suddenly. Sakura then runs home to tell Kero-chan about the strange occurrences of the day. Over a cup of tea, he reveals the truth of Syaoran's identity.

Tomoyo calls on the phone to tell them a strange thunder storm is happening again and Kero recognizes this as the power of the Thunder card. They go to meet Tomoyo in the park and Sakura dresses in a rubber cat costume made to protect her from the lightening. Using The Fly, she heads into the sky to attack the card. It counters and she uses The Jump to escape. To defeat this card, she must change it to its original form but doesn't know how. Syaoran suddenly appears and mocks Sakura for not knowing how to do this. He uses magic on the card and turns in to a giant lightening wolf beast.

Sakura first thinks to capture it with Windy, but Syaoran calls her stupid and says it won't work. Syaoran tells her to use The Shadow card as he attacks the beast with a magic spell. The Shadow wraps itself around the lightening beast and Sakura is able to capture it. Syaoran continues to mock Sakura and calls Kero a stuffed animal. Kero bites his finger in return and decides he definitely doesn't like Syaoran.

The Card's Power:

To create thunder and lightening.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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