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The Time

Late one evening, Sakura and Kero are awakened by the clock-tower ringing loudly at midnight. Everyone is confused because they are sure the bell shouldn't ring after mindnight. Sakura endures a difficult test on her recorder during music class, making one mistake, while Kero spends all day defeating a difficult stage in one of his video games, because he forgot to save it on the previous day. That night Sakura practices the music until she gets it right and Kero remembers to carefully save his game.

In the middle of the night, the clock-tower behaves oddly again and seems to run backwards. When Sakura and Kero awaken, Kero discovers his game is not saved. Sakura goes to school to discover they are having the recorder test again. She is sure they had the test yesterday, but Tomoyo remembers nothing about it. This time Sakura does her test perfectly. At recess, Sakura watches an almost perfect replay of the previous day's soccer game. The only different thing is that Syaoran's location has changed. Like Sakura, he seems to know that the day is repeating. In fact, he tells her that this is caused by a Clow Card.

That night, Sakura dresses in the fairy costume and goes to the clock tower with Tomoyo and Kero to attack The Time Card. It counters by first slowing them and then by rewinding the day once more so they are forced to endure a third replay of the day.

The next ... or is it the same? ... night they return to the clock tower and try to attack it again. The Time speeds time so that it is midnight and then rewinds the day again. A third time they return to the tower, after a fourth replay of the same day. Kero and Sakura are truly wearying of the day at this point. This time Syaoran shows up and tells them that by breaking the clock tower, they can defeat the time card.

Tomoyo and Sakura object to breaking it, so they sneak into the tower without using magic so the card won't sense them.

As Sakura sneaks up on The Time, she is frozen. Freed when Syaoran surprises the card by jumping through the window, Sakura uses The Shield to protect them from time's power. It tries to escape but flies into a trap Syaoran has set. Sakura returns the card to its true form and it is awarded to Syaoran (which makes Sakura very sad and Syaoran just a tad smug).

The Card's Power:

To control the flow of time.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used by Syaoran as Sakura is engaged in a tug-o-war with The Power card. Syaoran freezes time and hops down from a tree. He takes the rope out of The Power's hands and when he starts time again, the card admits defeat unaware of the cheating.

Used in episode 27 by Syaoran to bring Sakura out from under the control of The Return card.
This use caused that card to be awarded to him.

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