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Daidouji Tomoyo

Tomoyo's mother is a successful CEO of a toy company and her family also possesses a considerable amount of wealth on its own. Because of this wealth, she is in the typical danger of kidnapping and other dangers which might befall a child of a prominent family. So her mother has provided Tomoyo with a sharply suited quad of bodyguards.

She is also Sakura's very best friend (and biggest fan). Her hobbies are taking pictures and making movies (of Sakura), sewing (for Sakura) and cooking (for Sakura and the bottomless pit known and Kero-chan). All of Sakura's battle costumes are designed and made by Sakura. Although Sakura is sometimes put off by the idea of being constantly recorded and dressed in cutesy outfits, she agrees because both Tomoyo and Kero-chan think she looks adorable and contrive to achieve her cooperation (using the argument that the Clow Cards will take her more seriously if she is outfitted like a ‘proper' Card Captor.) She is the only person Sakura and Kero have entrusted the secret of the Clow Cards too, partly because on the first night Sakura made a capture Tomoyo took a video of the moon which happened to be right as Sakura was flying across it on her sealing wand. Oops.

Tomoyo and Sakura are very close friends and some have hinted that Tomoyo's love for Sakura is Romantic rather than platonic. I happen to disagree and believe that she simply adores Sakura with the one-mindedness of a girl who feels she has to guard herself against others who may only want her friendship because of her money rather than for who she is. Tomoyo loves that Sakura loves her for who she is and delights in her friend's accomplishments.

Tomoyo's mother provides her with a number of new toys to test, usually offering extras for Sakura and Kero (though she doesn't specially know they are for Kero, or that Kero exists) to try as well. Specifically, the walkie-talkies (or cellular phones, I'm not yet sure which they are) come in handy when Tomoyo and Sakura encounter Clow Cards while Kero-chan is at Sakura's house and can not help in person.

Despite her many talents, Kero-chan says that Tomoyo possesses no magical power. However, she still posses her intellect, which often leads her to suspect the presence of a Clow Card before Sakura's powers alert her to its presence.

Tomoyo is unerringly sweet and never seems to be upset by anything other than having forgotten to bring a new outfit for Sakura to dress in when in a card is captured. Very much introverted, Tomoyo expresses herself through her art and is content to watch life from the sidelines. This is not to say that she takes no pride in herself. She takes great joy in creating costumes and watching them displayed as Sakura captures cards. After all, this is great practice for her future as a famous designer, which is not a shabby career for someone who possesses as much talent as Tomoyo.

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