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Where are the Updates?

So, you've noticed I haven't been updating much, haven't you?

Well, I sort of apologize. But not much.

You see, I'm preparing a version 2.0 that will be much, much bigger. (Didn't that was possible, did you?)

I'm hoping to launch sometime in October, but please don't hold me to that. There is an incredible amount of programming going into this effort, and hey, I have a life, after all.

When the update occurs, The Cherry Blossom Festival will also be moving to a new domain at

The new site will include an image gallery, the rest of the card scans, and a section about cosplaying Card Captor Sakura (picture submissions are being accepted now, if you have them)!

As soon as the new site is up, I'll let you all know! Until then, I'm working like crazy on it!

Honana! simple UGH!

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