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The Watery

Sakura makes a visit to the local aquarium where she sees a penguin and its keep almost drowned by a strange whirlpool in the water. Her brother Touya, who seems to have a part time job there jumps into the water and pulls the penguin to safety (the keeper got out on her own). She tells this story to Kero later, while making pancakes. She also describes a strange feeling she had when watching the whirlpool and Kero inquires whether it resembled the feeling she has when she's near a Clow Card. Before she can answer, Touya interrupts them and Kero has to pretend to be a stuffed animal.

Touya tells her the penguin is alright and then proceeds to swipe some of her pancakes. Sakura tries to beat him and squeals; until Touya calls Yukito in which results in a very polite Sakura who offers to make pancakes for them.

After she delivers their snack, Sakura returns to her room where Kero tells her this was probably all the work of The Watery card. He says it is very powerful since it is one of the four elemental cards - Earth, Fire, Watery and Wind. He doesn't think she will be a match for the card with only Windy, Fly and Shadow. While Windy is also an elemental card, it is very peaceful and won't match up to the attacking personality of The Watery.

When Sakura runs into Yukito on the way home from school the following day, he offers to take her somewhere for a snack the next day. He chooses the aquarium, because that is where Touya works. Tomoyo and Kero follow them on their date, because Tomoyo wants to tape it and Kero wishes to keep an eye out for The Watery card.

Sakura and Yukito sit down to eat and Touya brings them menus. As they order, a swirl begins to move through the water in the large tank behind them. Suddenly the tank cracks and spilts, and water pours into the room. Sakura is caught in a whirlpool but Touya breaks down a door and drains the water from the room to save his sister. Yukito comes up to check on Sakura and tells her their shaved ice was wasted when the tank burst. Something about the mention of ice seems to spark in Sakura and she thanks Yukito before dashing off.

Changing into a new outfit somewhere in between, Sakura finds the tank in which Watery now hides and calls it to chase her. She uses The Fly on her wand and a race through the halls of the aquarium begin. Sakura barely manages to dodge dive-bombing darts of water before turning down a hall at Tomoyo's direction. Then Sakura stands outside a closed doorway and summons The Windy. She jumps out of the way as the door opens and Windy flies inside, followed by The Watery. The door is suddenly shut and Windy whips about the room which turns out to be a freezer. The Watery quickly freezes and Sakura opens the door a short time later to turn it into its card form.

The Card's Power:

An elemental attack card controlling water.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Used to control the magic of The Rain, allowing Sakura to capture that card.

Also used in an attempt to defeat The Mirror, but was unsuccessful.

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