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Winter Uniform

Here we have the Tomoeda grade school winter uniforms. The primary color is black, accented with red and white. Each uniform features a white sailor bib which is accented by a red stripe around the collar and another just above the base of the tie. The stripe is also visible at the end of the long black sleeves of the shirt and in a v shape on the boys' shirts. At the tops of the sleeves, there is a red winged patch which is the school's symbol. Matching white sailor hats are worn by boys and girls alike.

There are some differences, however, in the uniforms which the boys and girls wear. The boys are outfitted with short legged pants, while the girls wear short, pleated white skirts. If you'll take a look at the neck line, you'll notice the collars of the girls' dresses reach to their necks past the sailor bib. The collar on the boys' shirts, however, cuts off at the bib which is actually higher than the one on the girls' shirts. Their shoes are also different, as the boys have full black shoes which lace, while the girls are cut away to close with a buckle and leave some white sock showing between the toe of their shoe and the buckle strap.

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