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Tsukishiro Yukito

Touya's classmate and best friend, Yukito spends an inordinate amount of time at the Kinomoto household. He lives with his grandparents, with whom he spends little time due to their advanced age and frequent travels. His ready smile and abiding kindness make him a welcome addition to the Kinomoto family.

Of course, with an appetite like Yukito's, you should probably be unerringly polite. If you're familiar with other anime, I'll put it this way -- Yukito eats with all the passion of Miaka and Usagi combined. If you're not... well, what that means is that Yukito can eat roughly the same amount of food as a full grown draft horse. Which is to say rather alot.

Syaoran and Sakura both have crushes on Yukito, and are somewhat jealous of each others feelings for him. They compete for him, but he treats them both equally. When Sakura finds a stuffed toy she likes at his school's carnival, he beats the entire basketball team to win her one. Then he turns around and does it twice more to obtain one for Tomoyo and one for Syaoran, even though Syaoran had claimed he didn't like the bunny toy (all bets are off if it is a present from Yukito, as far as Syaoran is concerned).

The first time Yukito encounters Syaoran, Syaoran and Touya were about to fight because Touya found the boy threatening Sakura. Yukito diffused the fight by offering Syaoran an odango. Syaoran blushed brightly and ran away. Later, the fight was revisited as Touya and Syaoran attempted to defeat each other at another carnival in order to win stuffed toys for Sakura (Touya) and Yukito (Syaoran).

Immensely talented at sports and games, Yukito is sought after as a member of various clubs (like the basketball club, since he's a one man team all by himself). He doesn't belong to any of them, but instead seems to join them on a floating basis, helping out whichever club seems to need him that day. Some days it is the basketball club, others he'll join in the acting club and make appearances as the magical canned tuna in Cinderella (Yes, that's right. I've even got a picture of it. Maybe if I visit that magical scanner, I'll let you see.)

The Kanja for "Yuki" means snow and the kanji for "to" is rabbit. "Tsukishiro" means mooncastle. His name causes Kero-chan to nickname him Snow Bunny.

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