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Competition Cheerleading Uniform

This is what Sakura's cheerleading club wears when they make formal appearances, whether to cheer their classmates, perform for their families, or to compete as a club.

The dominant colors in the outfit are white, yellow and orange (ugh. I hate orange). Most of the sleeveless dress part of the outfit is orange. Its skirt is trimmed with a wide yellow band. A white sailor collar with very long, pointed tips is set around the high neckline, where it is clasped with a pin resembling the school logo. Like the base of the skirt, the collar is outlined with a yellow stripe (though only on the top -- the underside is pure white).

Cheerleading is athletic, so white lace-up sneakers with ankle high tops are the shoe of choice. They are worn with calf high white socks that sport a yellow band around their rims which matches the yellow in the rest of the uniform.

Sakura's team uses smallish green pompoms, which seem to have very wide strips of thin plastic. (Personally, I thick that color green is just hideous with the color scheme they had going.)

Finally, you may notice Sakura possesses ponytail holders in the shade of orange which perfectly matches her uniform. What a master of coordination! (Well, other than when she is catching the baton with her head!)

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