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Here are the Clow Cards in the order Sakura captured them, all the way up to episode 31 in the anime. (Please note that episodes 28-31 are currently under construction and will be fully functional soon.) The cards in episodes beyond have not been included because I have not seen those episodes. Yes, I am aware that there are more cards but I'd rather not put the graphics up just for show. They can be found elsewhere. What graphics I have here are to enhance what I'm sharing about the show.

Thanks for understanding. Enjoy!

The Windy The Fly The Shadow
The Watery The Wood The Rain
The Jump The Illusion The Silent
The Thunder The Sword The Flower
The Shield The Time The Power
The Mist The Storm The Float
The Erase The Glow The Move
The Fight The Loop The Sleep
The Song The Little The Mirror
The Maze The Return The Shot
The Sweet The Dash The Big
The Create

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