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The Flower

Sakura's school holds a field day to which everyone's families are invited. Yukito and Touya join Sakura from the beginning, but her father is running late. Sakura goes to perform with the cheerleading club (managing to catch the baton with her head for old time's sake). The obstacle course race follows and Sakura and Syaoran run neck and neck until Syaoran sees Yukito and becomes fluster, causing him to trip just before the finish line allowing Sakura to win.

Sakura invites Li-kun to eat lunch with her family and Tomoyo's - he almost refuses until he finds out Yukito will eat with them and then he abashedly accepts. Sakura's father arrives late, however Tomoyo's mother has not yet arrived. He joins the family for lunch and as he, Touya and Yukito go to throw away the trash Tomoyo's mother arrives. When Sakura's father returns there is a strange exchange between their parents who seem to know (and not completely like) one another. As it turns out, Tomoyo's mother was a cousin and best friend to Sakura's mother and she is bitter that Nadesiko choose to be married. She blames Fujitaka for this.

When it is time for the family races, Sakura's father and Tomoyo's mother become very competitive with one another. However, in the middle of the race flower petals begin to fall from out of nowhere. The quickly become so thick upon the race course that movement is practically impossible.

Believing it to be caused by a Clow Card, Sakura uses The Fly to search for the offending card. Tomoyo joins her atop the winged wand and they use Tomoyo's cell phone to call a video game playing Kero-chan who tells them to look for the source of the flowers. They find a glowing pink ball of light atop one of the buildings. Going closer, they find a girl with funny curled hair and a bright pink dress dancing atop the building. As Sakura tries to seal the card, the girl grabs her and begins to swirl her around in a dance. Sakura manages to free her arm and seal The Flower card, which had wanted to participate in the fun going on at the school. Returned to card form, the blossoms stop falling and disappear from the school yard.

Afterwards Sakura's father and Tomoyo's mother talk about Nadesiko and manage to arrange a small sort of peace between them. No small amount of this is because Tomoyo's mother wishes to get to know Sakura better and will need her father's goodwill if this is to happen.

The Card's Power:

To create and cause to rain down different types of flowers. In the words of Sakura - That's all???

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

Are you kidding me? Of course there aren't any!

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