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So, you're the brave sort of soul who wants to know my thoughts on the show. In that case, you've come to the right place (if you haven't, well, there's always the back button or the links at the bottom of the page!). This is where I shed some light on why I like this show so much that I've bothered to create this utterly behemoth webpage and other thoughts related to the show.

Once Nelvana's subtitling is released, I'm sure you'll probably find my opinions of their success.

Why Card Captor Sakura? December 29, 1999

Meiling is Cooler than You May Think -- Unavailabe March 23, 2000

Where Can I Get CCS in the United States (or Canada)?
March 27, 2000

It's Official -- Card Captor Sakura releases in America this fall! May 22, 2000

Subtitled Sakura May be a Reality May 22, 2000

A Second Card Captor Sakura Movie May 22, 2000

Cardcaptors Arrives Early! June 10, 2000

A Note About Names June 11, 2000

The Crime of Cardcaptors July 1, 2000

An Offical Policy Note July 1, 2000

Where are the Updates? September 14, 2000


The Problems with Anime Dating January 11, 2000

Hell is a Fangirl's Life June 10, 2000

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