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Why Card Captor Sakura?

There's a lot of anime out there. Why, out of all that would I choose to make a webpage about this one?

Well, to begin with, the anime I prefer is typically that of the shoujo (anime aimed at girls) variety. My favorites include Fushigi Yugi, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailormoon, Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura. Of these, the first three have been in a release long enough that they have gained the status of Most Popular Series on the Anime Turnpike. Meaning there are countless pages devoted to each of them. Card Captor hasn't gone into any sort of commerical release in the United States (as I write this) and therefore, there are very few webpages regarding it. Those that do exist are mostly very thin (sometimes to prevent offering spoilers, sometimes because the page is just of poor quality. it happens.) and cover relatively little about the series.

As much as I've enjoyed Sailormoon and considered making a webpage about it, I felt there were a good deal of fabulous pages about it already in existence. So I have held off. As I was introduced to Card Captor Sakura by a good friend who prefers to go by the name Ashke on the net, I quickly fell in love with the series. It's just cute. And since I have no small amount of personality in kind with Kero-chan (that's pudding smell! you had pudding without me??!) how could I not like it? Anyhow, as I began to search the web for more information on the show, I quickly discovered a great derth in the existence of English websites on the subject matter. Knowing that Nelvana will soon begin to release the series on American television, I believe that there will be a large number of people looking for more information. If you're one of them, I hope this site has helped you on your quest.

Still, a small number of websites is hardly a good reason to make a new one. There has to be something more that I like about the series. To begin with, I enjoy the characters. Kero-chan is my favorite. He's bossy. He's a bottomless pit. He has no compunction whatsover in telling people just what he thinks about them. If he thinks Syaoran is a twirp, he refuses to even use Syaoran's name. Instead, Syaoran gets called 'kid'. He's also cute. But don't tell him I said so. He /hates/ being called cute.

Then there's Touya. A monument to big brothers everyone. First to pick on and first to defend Sakura. He's utterly deft at tormenting her. Which is good, because without Touya there to drive Sakura crazy and make her afraid of ghosts, she'd have no weaknesses whatsoever and would probably end up being totally dull and boring.

I also admit to a real fascination with Meilin. Her relationship with Syaoran reminds me of Usagi/Serena with Mamoru/Darien. She's engaged to Syaoran, but never really knows how he feels about her which makes her act totally pyschotically paranoid about their relationship. But instead of being a crybaby as a whole, Meilin is a fighter and has a sassy attitude. Meilin likes to think she can accomplish anything, but frequently runs up against things she can't do on her own. Still, it doesn't dimenish her perseverence to keep on trying.

Being a CLAMP work, the art design is also outstanding. I love the appearances of Sakura's many costumes, not to mention the subtle teasing of other magical girl shows that CLAMP does in this series. Most of the cards are well done, and some of them are downright funny. I mean, really, The Glow? The Flower? They're so preposterous, they're just funny. Sakura herself recognizes this when she captures The Flower and asks Kero what it does. Upon finding out, her response was simply 'That's /all/?' It makes me wonder what sort of guy Clow Reed was, to create a card with this kind of power. Maybe he was trying to impress a girl at the time?

As for the story line, it's a bit more straightforward than other anime, but but each episode is enjoyable so I see nothing wrong with that. It still has its surprises in store, along with the added suspense of finding out Kero-chan looks like in his true form.

All in all, what really matters it that I like it. You can make your own decision. If you disagree, there's plenty of other anime out there. Try some Starblazers. Or Legend of Arislan. Or The Record of the Lodoss War. They're all good too.


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