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You're welcome to link your page to The Cherry Blossom Festival so long as you comply with a few simple requests. Please do not direct link ANYTHING on this site. I invite you to use one of the banners below, but if you're short of space on your site I will of course understand if you prefer a text link.

If you have any other questions about the linking policy, please feel free to ask.

This is a great site to read if you are new to Card Captor Sakura and don't want to risk many spoilers!

If you're looking for something that's more in-depth, try Mattel's site.

KeroCrisp is a unique little shrine to our favorite Seal Beast, Cerebus. Here you'll find some interesting insights into Kero's personality as well as some bonus information about the capturing of Clow Cards, the other characters, and some of Card Captor Sakura's special items. (A little note to people who might be directionally challenged like I was the first time I went here - each one of the petals on the first page takes you to a different part of the site. They're just not marked obviously. Try them all and enjoy!)

Ok, Ok. It's a little vain of me. But here's the top 20 list. We'll call it a good resource to find pages other people have liked. How's that?

And what would any anime site be without a link to the Anime Turnpike? So here she is, the lovely Miss Trixie Turnpike to lead you there! Go to the turnpike to discover many more links on just about every show you can imagine!

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