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Welcome to Kero-chan's corner!

As with the show, this is where you can learn a little more about each of Sakura's battle costumes and uniforms, as well as other interesting items which appear in the show. Because Tomoyo's sewing talents are used so proliferately, I have broken Kero-chan's corner into three segments.

Sakura's Battle Costumes: This section details the Battle Costumes Tomoyo lovingly crafts for her best friend's Card Captor Activities. Come learn more about each costume and get an extra bit of my own personal commentary (aren't you lucky??!).

Kero's Battle Costumes: Sure, Sakura has her costumes. But what about those cute little coordinating outfits Tomoyo crafts for Kero-chan? So often overlooked, here's a section devoted entirely to them!

Uniforms: This section is devoted to the many uniforms worn by students at Tomoeda Elementary. They have outfits for EVERYTHING. If American kids only knew how many uniforms you could have, we might consider them. -- Hey. I only said consider!

Items: Finally, we have the section which discusses the items, magicial and mundane, which appear in Card Captor Sakura on a regular basis. (Well, some of the mundane ones anyway. Who wants to read about tables?)

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