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A Note About Names

Frequent visitors to this might have noticed a subtle to change recently. I've changed the spelling of Meilin to Meiling.

In case you're wondering about this, I've said in a number of places on the site that I don't speak Japanese. I've watched a number of subtitled tapes that all have her name spelled without the 'g'. Recently, however, I was given a set of collector's cards (Thanks Dave!). On the cards, which are offical artwork, her name is spelled Meiling in English. Since this is the only piece of offical merchandise I own that spells her name in English, I've decided that that must be CLAMP's intent.

Plus, I hear a 'g' sound when I watch the tapes. I'd always assumed that this was simply because I didn't understand something about the Japanese language which would not add the g to her name in romanji.

Nope. It's there. The subbers just left it out.

So that's why she is suddenly called Meiling.


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