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The Fly

At first, Sakura doubts her magical talent, despite her ability to open The Clow and use The Windy card. She tries to refuse the job, but Cerebus warns her that to allow the cards to run free would result in chaos. As the argue a massive wind bursts through the window. Dashing to the window to investigate, they see the image of a gigantic glowing blue bird soaring over the trees outside. Cerebus identifies this as a Clow Card by the name of The Fly.

Sakura dons her skates and they chase after it (dressed in her pink pajamas, no less). Sakura turns her key to the sealing wand but can't get at an angle to call The Windy because the bird is chasing her. Ordered by Cerebus to 'DO Something!', Sakura quickly skates up an incline and hops onto the bird's back. Clinging to its feathers as she is carried alot, Sakura is still able to summon The Windy which she orders to bind The Fly. Strands of gold circle the bird and trap its wings to its side, making it impossible to flap though still able to glide slightly.

Thus trapped, Sakura is now able to use her sealing wand on the card. Unable to fly, the bird hits the ground in a controlled fall and Sakura hops off. She quickly sues the sealing wand to change the bird back to a card, capturing what proves to be one of the most useful cards in her collection.

As a reward, Cerebus teaches Sakura to use The Fly. When she summons this card, the feathers on the head of her wand grow into which turns the sealing wand into something like a witch's broomstick which Sakura can then ride across the sky. The episode concludes as they fly across a full moon.

The Card's Power:

Gives the user the ability to fly. In Sakura's case, it places wings on her sealing wand which she rides.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)

This card is way too useful to go into detail for every episode. Suffice it to say that it makes appearances as Sakura battles The Shadow, The Watery, The Jump, The Illusion, The Time, The Float and The Maze.

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