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The Song

A rumor spreads of a ghost haunting the grade school's music room. In the middle of the night, when no one is around a beautiful voice can be heard singing in the empty room. While in music class, Sakura and Syaoran feel something strange in the room. Neither is sure that it is a Clow Card but they all agree to come back at night to check it out (despite Sakura's fear of ghosts).

That night, Sakura tells Kero she is very nervous because of the ghost. She resolves to think of it as a card and put ghosts from her mind. Still, she remains nervous and determines not to go. Her courage is stiffened when Touya brings Yukito over to study and Yukito tells Sakura he wishes he could hear the beautiful song. Sakura runs upstairs to collect her tape recorder, telling Kero they are now going to the grade school.

Sakura and Kero-chan meet Tomoyo in the hall and Sakura is very nervous. When Li-kun arrives and puts his hand on her shoulder to say hello, Sakura nearly jumps through the ceiling. Kero taunts Syaoran and Meiling, though the tables are oddly turned when Syaoran agrees with Kero that Meiling shouldn't be there because of her lack of magical power. Strangely, Tomoyo is permissible because she is there to record. Most likely this is because she has the sense to get out of the way, unlike Meiling.

Sakura's fears grow greater and she begins to back out, but Kero reminds her she wishes to record the song for Yukito. The group heads slowly to the music room, Sakura's dragging feet keeping her to the end of the line. Once there, Meiling recklessly throws open the door to the music room which allows the card to escape. Able to hear the song clearly, Sakura identifies it as the song Tomoyo has been practicing for a music competition.

As they case it up the stairs, Syaoran identifies this as The Song card. Kero says this card will copy the most beautiful voice it can find and use it to sing. As they talk the song moves up the stairs and they are forced to follow it to the ceiling. Kero realizes The Song has been practicing in the music room because Tomoyo can still not hit the high note. Turning down Meiling's offer to sing for the card, Sakura and Kero send Tomoyo to try singing her song perfectly for it.

As her voice draws it out, Tomoyo and The Song sing a beautiful duet together. When she sings perfectly, The Song turns into a purple colored woman and Sakura changes it into a card. Just after she does this, Sakura cries out because she forgot to record the song. Sakura is sad because she wanted the duet, but Syaoran reminds her she can use The Song to recreate it. She does and they make a recording for Yukito.

The Card's Power:

To copy the most beautiful singing voice it can find and sing songs.

Appearances and Uses in Other Episodes (up to ep. 27)


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